Community Led Tourism

Community Led Tourism – the recording and outputs from the 2021vSRP Session on 11th March 2021

Session curated by Senscot and chaired by Sarah Cameron, Tourism and Cultural Social Enterprise Network Lead.

Scotland Outlook 2030, Scotland’s Tourism Strategy has a mission to “grow the value and positively enhance the benefits of tourism across Scotland by delivering the very best for our visitors, our businesses, our people, our communities and our environment.”

The Scottish Rural Parliament session explored how community-led tourism can shape local tourism strategies. 

Community-led tourism, as part of local place-making strategies, is a vehicle for designing tourism offerings and facilities to maximise benefits for local people and businesses, and the tourists who visit. It is based on collaboration and partnership between tourism ‘experts’ and communities and contributes to community wealth building/wellbeing economy and addressing climate change.  

Speakers and panelists: 

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Session Report

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