About us

close up to a video camera recoding Richard Lochhead, Cabinet Secretary for Rural Affairs, Food and Environment, speaking at the opening of the 2014 Sottish Rural Parliament

Helping amplify the voices

of rural and island communities across Scotland.

The Scottish Rural & Islands Parliament forms part of a process to help mobilise rural and island communities in Scotland and amplify their diverse voices.  It creates space for strengthening connections between communities, organisations and decision-makers in Scotland, the UK and Europe. Happening every two years, this large-scale participatory democratic assembly attracts hundreds of people to build stronger collective influence for rural and island Scotland.

This is not just an event, but a 2-year process of involvement and debate between the people of rural Scotland and policy makers to enable better understanding, improved policy and action to address rural issues.

It is decentralised – whilst Secretariat was provided by Scottish Rural Action and The Scottish Islands Federation in 2023, any organisation can take ownership of any element of the platform, becoming a curator and use the space to debate the issues important to them.

Scottish Rural Action (SRA)

SRA is the driving force behind the rural movement in Scotland. They empower rural communities, connecting them with politicians and decision-makers. Collaborating at national, regional, and community levels, SRA prioritise grassroots-led initiatives. Their focus is on seldom-heard groups, providing platforms for their participation. They foster a cross-sectoral, locally-informed understanding of rural Scotland’s economy, society, and culture, shaping both local practice and national policy. Join SRA if you want to contribute to a resilient, vibrant rural movement that celebrates the unique character of rural life and influences positive change for all.

The Scottish Islands Federation (SIF)

Formed over 10 years ago, SIF is a network of island communities united to strengthen their collective voice, foster innovation, and drive positive change. With a focus on Scotland’s 93 inhabited islands, SIF aims to promote and advance their interests. They achieve this by cultivating a diverse and inclusive membership, representing community groups, and collaborating with councils, agencies, and the Scottish Government. At regional, national, and European levels, they advocate for the needs of Scottish islands. SIF also encourages the exchange of knowledge and best practices among islanders, facilitating networking and connections throughout Scotland and Europe. Join SIF if you want to shape a brighter future for Scotland’s islands.

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