Youth Led Session

Youth Led Session – the outputs from the 2021vSRP Session on 6th March 2021 

Session curated by Scottish Rural Action, delivered by the Social Enterprise Academy and facilitated by the Rural Youth Project and the Scottish Rural Network

The 2021 Scottish Rural Parliament opened with a Youth-Led session which gave young people from across rural and island Scotland the opportunity to take part in a strength based visioning exercise and then communicate those visions to decision makers.

During the session, the young people created videos around their vision for their communities in 2025 along themes chosen by them, which were:

  • Mental Health 
  • Housing 
  • Jobs 
  • Good Food 
  • Climate Change

Decision makers then responded to the visions, which was followed by a question-and-answer session chaired by Rebecca Dawes from the Rural Youth Project.



Read the reports from the Youth Led Session below.

  1. Session Report
  2. Young People’s Priorities
  3. Young People’s Call to Action
  4. Watch the session

Session Report

Young People’s Priorities

Young People’s Call to Action

Watch the session

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